Fishing Wisconsin’s Clear Lakes

by FirstCast on May 16, 2012

Wisconsin is known for some of the clearest lakes in the country but sometimes overlooked because the fishing can be more difficult. Some of the biggest fish roam clear lakes because most people shy away from the more difficult conditions.  Whether fishing in northern Wisconsin or some of the deeper lakes such as Waupaca, Geneva, or Big Green, her are some tips to help you catch more bass.

Tip 1 — Fluorocarbon is a must. Fishing lines have come a long way but with the improvements to fluorocarbon line they have become invisible while being able to use heavier line. I personally use Seaguar and stick to 8 pound on my spinning reels and 15 on my bait casters. You can also tie a leader of two or three feet if you are fishing open water where the fish get a better look at your lures.

Tip 2 — Stick to natural colors. Try to match what the fish are used to eating. Most clear lakes contain bigger and longer weeds which mean crayfish. Browns and greens are a good color to start with. Fish are more site feeders than by
sound. Bluegill and perch patterns can also great for lures that are moving like jerkbaits or crankbaits. The slower, bottom baits like jigs and worms are even more important because the fish can pick out any imperfections. For faster
moving baits, make sure to fish faster and the fish are going to hit out of reaction and not have a chance to get a good look at what they think is a meal.

Tip 3 — Try fishing early and late. Bass seem to be more active more at low light rather than mid day. You can’t go wrong with a top water to start the day. Some of the more active lakes with boating have made the fish more nocturnal.
Night fishing can be a huge thrill especially on a clear night. My experience has been that black is a great color for fishing at night,

Tip 4 — Find the weeds. Bass like to feel comfortable around some type of structure and weeds offer that as well as a variety of bait like bluegills and crayfish.  Weed points offer a great place for fish to move up to feed and then use to move back into deep water.

Tip 5 — Fish the docks during mid day. Docks can be good anytime but during mid day the water stays cooler and shade for bass to hang out in. The fish don’t need to right under the dock but rather in the shade. The shaded areas will
move with the sun so make sure to throw under and around each dock.

These tips will help you catch more fish on clear lakes in Wisconsin or wherever you’re your favorite lake is.

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