Welcome to First Cast Tournaments

Sign up to fish our 2015 Bass and Walleye tournaments. You don’t have to be a pro. In fact, we prefer novice, amateur anglers because it’s a lot more fun that way. We have a 5-fish limit and keep entry fees affordable so if your kids like to fish, bring them along! And be sure to tell your friends. Let’s keep fishing fun.

Since 2009, First Cast Tournaments has run circuits with everyone’s input in mind. Instead of dictating how the circuit will be run, we listen to your feedback. Everything we do is with your input. At the end of the year we survey all of our teams to find out our anglers like, don’t like, and would like to see next year. It’s your circuit – we’re just running it the way you want it. One feature our anglers look forward to is our stage where we put on a big show, displaying, weighing and measuring each team’s fish. Sign up for our tournaments today for a chance to see your fish taking the top prize.

Bass and Walleye Divisions   Team of the Year   Standings
Sign up to fish the Bass or Walleye divisions or pick out an individual tournament.    Team of the Year payes $1,000 for the Walleye Series team of the year and $500 per division for the Bass Series. (*Based on max field)    How do you compare to the other teams? Track your standings and see where you stand for Team of the Year.
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